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Sometimes it seems everywhere is in bloom: gardens and nurseries, yes, but also doctors' offices, drugstores, and supermarkets. Chances are many of the flowers you're seeing are miniature roses.

Both first-time gardeners and rose fans have come to appreciate these little bushes' generous blooms and vibrant colors. What most people don't realize is that these impressive mini roses are among the simplest plants to grow—whether you have them in the ground or potted in a sunny window.

The secret to success in growing mini roses is fourfold: plenty of sunlight, healthy soil, sufficient water, and good air circulation.

First, identify a bright, sunny spot in your garden - ideally one that gets six hours of sunlight daily. To grow roses successfully indoors, west- or south-facing windows provide your best bet for producing blooms. The less light your rose receives, the fewer flowers you'll see.

Soil is key to producing a beautiful plant. Whether you're planting roses in the garden or in pots, experts recommend mixing together in equal measure good garden soil, perlite, and peatmoss or compost. If you don't already have good garden soil, you can plant your rose in high-quality potting soil.

Fertilize your new rose with a tiny bit of fertilizer. Some professional growers prefer to use an organic fertilizer - such as 1 teaspoon of fish or blood meal for each gallon of soil, or 1 cup of steer manure. Other experts use a liquid, inorganic rose fertilizer. If you do use a liquid fertilizer on your mini roses, follow the bottle's directions, but use it at half strength - one teaspoon if the directions call for two.

You'll need to water your roses generously. In temperate weather, garden roses thrive on one or two inches of water per week. If it's very hot, water daily. To quench the thirst of potted mini roses, pour water onto the soil until it flows out the holes in the bottom of the pot. In pots, your roses' soil should remain slightly moist, but not soggy.

Roses need to be exposed to fresh air. That means not crowding them together, whether it be on a windowsill or in the garden. If you want a hedge of mini roses, plant them 12 inches apart; otherwise, aim for at least 14 inches between roses, with 18 inches being ideal.

As you can see, you can enjoy lovely miniature rose blooms for several months each year with very little effort. Plant them in good soil, water them once or twice weekly, provide plenty of light, and give them space to grow, and your roses will perform year after year.